Thursday, December 5, 2019

National geographic collages

I have been making some collage images from old National Geographic magazines. Decided it might be fun to put them up for sale. It's a unique picture, handcrafted so a lot of work goes into each and every one. No two pictures are the same. They are laminated in A4 size. For further info contact me at

Glacier hike - SOLD

Marriage rainbow - SOLD 

Newton - SOLD

Sun gazing - SOLD 

Alligator birds - Sold

Gorilla - Sold

Women in the spotlight - SOLD

Couple - SOLD

Deers - Sold

Space - SOLD

Monster on a bridge - Sold

Birds - Sold

Birds II - Sold

Rust - Oleum - Sold

Woman on a plane - Sold

If you are interested in buying one I'm selling them for 12.000 kr. isk. with a frame. The frame is transparent and really compliments the image to make it stand out.