Friday, January 6, 2012

December 2011 - The dark month

December has never been a favorite of mine. It get's very dark and that makes photographing outside more difficult. But I survived and now it's time to see what came out of this month in photos.

Vilhelm Anton a co-worker of mine made his desk junk into a piece of art.

Early December I went to London with ENNEMM. I have never been before and although we only stayed for 2 nights I really enjoyed the city.

On my walk from Brick Lane to Soho I came across construction workers taking a lunch. 

Living in Reykjavik and having a view over Esja is great. It always tells you when winter comes and goes. I went down to the harbor where the ferry to Viðey goes and looked over the snow fallen mountain. There I saw these Russian ships tied to the harbor. 

Later that month I went out to dinner with Gogoyoko. Christmas menu and a lot of smoked meet with red wine made the night wonderful. The room where our group stayed in had a reindeer head hanging on the wall. 

The cat that lives next door. It snowed so much this month. It hasn't been so much snow in Reykjavik since 1984. Poor thing wanted to get in, but the door was locked. 

And then came the new year with all the fireworks. Happy new year!

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