Saturday, September 22, 2012

The day of my brother's wedding

On August the 28th 2012 my brother got married to his beautiful baby's mama. My gift to them was agreeing to be a photographer at the wedding. That is something that I have not done before and never really had any interest in. But after seeing the photographs and the endless joy that day  I might reconsider doing another one some day.

All my love & happiness to them

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Film from June 2011

I recently went with some films to development. Black and white film that I was going to develop myself but it's taking me a long time finishing my darkroom. They were taken in June 2011 when me and Gylfi went to visit his sisters to New Jersey and Philadelphia. I remember when I was taking the photos and the feeling I got when I saw them again was heartwarming.  

We started our trip in Brooklyn visiting Gylfi's old friend and band mate. We watched Escape from New York and had some really good times.

I found Jesse Newkirk to be an excellent model.

The view from the rooftop wasn't bad either.

We went out to walk the dog and met these bulks on the way.

They had an instant connection.

 As did Gylfi with his admiration of The Phillies baseball team.

We stayed with Gylfi's sister in Bristol, PA. She lives there with her late husbands mother-in-law and her 14 year old son. Here is Peggy with her great grandchild Evelyn.

We just bought tickets to go again over and spent Christmas with his sisters this year. I can't wait to go back and photograph some more.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

August - Ólafsvík

The first weekend of August me and Gylfi went to visit my father in law to Ólafsvík. He is the hotel manager at Hótel Ólafsvík and invited us to join him over a weekend.