Friday, January 11, 2013

Party people

 Icelandic bands T-shirt competition

 Benni in Dlx Atx

Hafteinn Michael in his own creation of Rafsteinn and Palli

Hallberg in Singapore Sling

Halldór in Borko

Hreinn in Skátar

Ingvar Högni in Singapore Sling

Kolla in kimono

Lilja, Sara Riel, Gústi and Gunni Tynes in Sigurrós and more

Kjartan Trauner in Sigurrós

Sindri in Eiríkur Hauks and Silla in Atómstöðin

Sigga in Mammút


Óli won the competition with his crazy cool T-shirt from the band Severed Crotch

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