Friday, July 6, 2012

June - The month I traveled around Iceland

Yes, summer is finally here. June was a busy month but what stood out was a trip around the country with some great people. I got some fantastic moments in the countryside and listened to beautiful music. This was a 7 day trip with just as may concerts each night in a different town around Iceland. These were the bands Snorri Helgason & Mr. Silla along with the host, comedian Hugleikur Dagson who also did a stand-up between sets.

So this post is dedicated that trip, Veislufjör 2012. 

The weather changed a lot during the trip but it was always just as beautiful no matter where we were.

We were eleven in a big jeep and I sat in the back. On our way I even saw an Icelandic horse.
 Dóri's horse.

I also saw some homie sheep and a creature called Snorri Helgason, he must have been a farmer boy in his former life, it just comes so natural to him. 

Dóri also found a duck in Húsavík he got weirdly interested in. 

They chilled together for a while.

Some concerts were played. A memorable one in Sjóraringjahúsið Patreksfirði.

 We found a replica of an old time houses and some sweet summer bliss in Djúpivogur.

And then we found the real thing in Flatey.

And enjoyed the sweet midsummer night in Seyðisfjörður. Gunni, Silla and Góskar played some lovely tunes at 3 am at an after party by the river. 

Gunni showed his skills and stood under the expectations of his sweater. 

I started daydreaming about life in the countryside on the boat ride back from Flatey. Simple life in a lighthouse. 

I think Góskar might be dreaming the same while falling asleep on the way.

My favorite view from Flatey

Go Iceland!

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