Saturday, June 9, 2012

May - The pre summer pep month

I arrived back home to Reykjavík after a month stay in Riga the 9th of May. It was great to come back home and see that spring had arrived and everyone had some color in their cheeks after the dark winter.

Valdis Jansons was one of the last subjects I met with in Latvia. He lived in a small district outside of Riga, very quiet and beautiful. When I arrived to his house he offered me coffee and while listening to Tinariwen he told me about himself and his name. Then he thought me a really cool game with matches. 

On my way back home I had a stop over in Copenhagen. My father came and got me at the airport and we went for a brunch downtown. We made a visit to my second mother's workplace. She works in a medical shelter for drug abusers and homeless people. I think she's a total hero for doing what she does. We went there early and there were already some needles in the trash.

When I finally got home Gylfi was playing in Harpan with kimono. Another band playing was Tilbury, Þormóður's lovely band. Here he is with his beautiful girlfriend Sibba. The guy in the background is master drummer Kjartan sneaking around. Nothing beats a beer & nice concerts on Sunday afternoon.

When I say nothing maybe I mean something. It's also great to get a visit from these beautiful girls on a Sunday afternoon. Sophie Magdalena, Allison Grace & Mia Celeste

I love my balcony. It's big and my cat can go outside and enjoy himself. He's very curious and always looks out for other cats.

My apartment does not have a shower, only a bathtub. I like the way my feet look in the water.

On a Saturday drive downtown we stopped at a red light next to the coolest Volvo owner in Reykjavík, Palli.

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