Friday, May 25, 2012

April - The month spent away from home / Riga

After leaving Roskilde I continued with my travels and got on a plane to Riga.

It was my third time in Latvia, second time in Riga so I knew the city a little bit. As I found out it is also very small and reminds me of Reykjavik in many ways. I was lucky knowing a good group of Latvians who helped me out and other wonderful and like minded people I met a long the way.

And I started seeing in color again. Weird, grainy, damp colors.

I also started feeding pigeons outside my window.

Without realizing that the seagulls will follow.

Well, there were seagulls everywhere anyways...

Maybe because it's close to the Daugava river and the Central market.

I also found some of the opposites in the city fun. I've never met so many tough old women who walk so fast you might think someone was chasing after them. Then the young women and their heels. I could never walk on heels in that city. The streets are so uneven and old I would probably kill myself trying. 

 But there was more to Riga then Pigeons and old Birds. I went on a picnic with a few friends and project mates of Borderlines.
We went to the beach town of Jurmala and had coffee and Black Balsam at Andrejs (above) parents place. That's where I met their very fat cat.

 The beach was great even though the weather was colder then expected. Edgars and Liana enjoyed it. And check out the product placement. I should get some money for that. #Here's to hoping

 And finally a few shots of Riga.

Old Town

The Railway Bridge

The Circus

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