Thursday, April 12, 2012

March - The Frizztical Month

March is a very difficult month. We get fooled so many times that spring is here but the next day it's snowing again. We even forget that no one should be optimistic about Icelandic weather until after Easter.

I got exited early March when walking to work one morning. I came across a starfish, alone on the sidewalk. Big disappointment, it was dead. Poor starfish...

I think Icelanders need their own word to describe the weather. You know, like Tropical is warm and nice and everything. I think it should be Frizztical. ''Iceland is a very frizztical place. ''

Well, we're not doing so bad. We have design March. It's always fun to celebrate the good old fashion craft of creation.

And the parties of course..

At the end of the month nothing beats seeing the flowers brake their way through the ground.

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